What is dry carpet cleaning

What is dry carpet cleaning

Answer : A beautiful way to clean carpets, especially in extremely good to high traffic places where steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is not possible.  It is also great for spills, accidents and spot cleaning.  It is very good for refreshing the carpet in hallways in airplanes during a long stopover.

I have personally dry cleaned carpets many times in my life and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Producers that I have tested dry carpet cleaning products from :  Host (Usa Producer) – Carpet Cleaner (Austria) and Dr Schnell (I think someone produces it for them).

How is dry carpet cleaning done :

1. Carpet is vacuumed with an upright vacuum cleaner (hoover – sebo)

2. Dirty traffic areas are pre-sprayed with traffic lane cleaners.  It’s very important not to wet the carpet too much.  It is also necessary to clean all difficult stains with a spot cleaner and cloth.

3. The Carpet Cleaning Compound is distributed over the carpet equally. You may apply more on the traffic areas and less in the corners.

4. Then the carpet cleaning compound is brushed into the carpet with a dry carpet cleaning machine.  It is important to be very patient if the carpet is dirty.  If the compound is not brushed properly into the carpet the dirt will simply not go away.

5. After the carpet cleaning compound has been brushed into the carpet, it is important to allow it to stay in the carpet for at least 2 hours after it has been brushed into it.

6. After the carpet cleaning compound has dried, it is now time to vacuum it up. Remember to pass the upright vacuum a couple of times over the area.

7. After cleaning, I recommend that it is groomed with a carpet broom always.

When the carpet is dry cleaned, there is no soap residue. Therefore, there is no need to put a carpet protector on it.

The best thing about dry carpet cleaning is that it is ready for traffic immediately after cleaning.