Are You Ready to Start your Own Cleaning Business with BG?

BG Cleaning is a cutting-edge, innovative and professional cleaning company with over 17 years of experience in the industry. BG Cleaning Systems was first established back in 1995, and since then has expanded into several markets including Europe, Africa and Asia.

BG Cleaning is now offering you the change to start your own cleaning business and benefit from its 17 years of experience in the industry. BG Cleaning is already operating several successful franchises worldwide and is currently offering franchise opportunities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Advantages of Launching a Cleaning Business

The world will always need cleaning services! According to many financial analysts, the corporate cleaning industry is one of the most stable and promising type of business. Even in times of rough economic times, cleaning is a service that businesses cannot afford to cut down on because it directly impacts their professionalism and sales.

The Advantages of the BG Cleaning Systems Franchise Opportunity

The BG Cleaning Franchise is the right choice for anybody that wants to be their own boss and start a successful business venture. Here are some of the advantages of our franchise:

  • Trustworthy
  • World Class
  • Unique Concepts and Systems
  • Proven Business System
  • High Quality Standards
  • Broad Spectrum of Services
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Dynamic
  • Avant-Garde
  • Cutting-Edge
  • Tailor Made
  • Professional Expertise and Know-How
  • Structured
  • On-going Technical and Operational Support
  • Faster start-up period

Potential Clients for Your Cleaning Business

When you launch your own Cleaning Business with BG, you will receive the appropriate guidance and training to be able to cater to any type of building, including: Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, SMEs, Stores & Retail, Schools & Institutions, Government Buildings, + much more!

BG Cleaning Systems - offers you this commercial cleaning business opportunity which allows you to grow and develop the business into a multi-van operation in your area. You could also develop your business even further by learning new skills such as special cleaning services, i.e., hard floor care and maintenance, insurance-related clean ups, construction clean ups, window washing, carpet and upholstery care, mould/mildew removal and remediation and more . This will enable you to develop your business according to your customers’ needs. In doing so, you are building up an everlasting customer base.

Established Track Record - As a franchise buyer, you become part of a proven system of operation. BG Cleaning Systems offers a unique concept and specifically designed methods in cleaning and facility management services that have sold successfully. You have our long years of experience and knowledge to learn from and to help you predict your own future. You’ll be using a tried and tested business system that has worked in any economic climate.

Faster Start-Up - You have a shorter learning curve as a franchise owner, because you will have assistance from a franchisor with lots of experience and know-how to draw upon in starting your business successfully.

Full Training - With our intensive training programme, all franchisees are trained and certified at the BG Cleaning Systems’ Global Learning Centre. BG Cleaning Systems’ qualified experts in cleaning techniques, technology, and management all pooled their knowledge and expertise in order to share their extensive knowledge and experience in the art and science of the cleaning industry to interested, daring entrepreneurs.

What is Included

What do you get for your investment when you join BG Cleaning Systems as a franchise?

  • An exclusive, protected territory
  • Extensive training
  • The license to use the proven and unique BG Cleaning Business concepts and systems of operation
  • The license to use the BG Cleaning Systems trademark and name
  • The start-up equipment package
  • The start-up business materials package
  • The start-up marketing materials package
  • Operations manual, job sheets and tools
  • Your customized Business, Marketing and Launching plans
  • Your own BG Cleaning Systems website
  • Online access to the BG Cleaning Systems Support Website
  • A support line, and ongoing technical/operational support

Unique BG Cleaning Franchise

BG Cleaning Systems Franchise is a very unique concept of how to start and run a successful cleaning business

Among others that we will teach you:

  • How to run the cleaning business and how to manage it and more.
  • How to get customers, do marketing and other things regarding that.
  • How to keep the customers, quality control systems and many other.
  • And more and more!

To learn everything else you need to know about running your own successful BG Cleaning Business, simply click the button below and fill out the Franchising Info request form, or call us today at +3545335004

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