BG Cleaning Systems offers you our professional cleaning consulting services.

We provide objective information and our professional expertise in the cleaning industry to help you attain and sustain higher quality cleaning levels and reduce your overall costs. We afford expert cleaning consulting services worldwide for your janitorial and specialized cleaning needs and problems.

We are unaffiliated with any supplies or products vendor.

We cater to the needs of a varied clientele: i.e., corporations, governments, construction companies, health care facilities, schools, factories or industrial facilities, supermarkets, shopping centers/malls, ships, airplanes and much more.

Whether you manage your own staff or outsource, you can benefit from our cleaning consulting services. We will aid you in elevating the level of services and in increasing the quality of cleanliness while lowering your costs. We work with all types & sizes of businesses.

We offer our expert advice on how to deal with your special cleaning needs whether it is related to janitorial services or highly specialized cleaning services such as dry ice blasting, soda blasting, or high-pressure washing, waste disposal and the like.

BG is highly specialized in disaster cleaning, such as after a fire, water damage, fungal infestations, floods and other similar incidents or situations. We afford you our professional expertise on dealing with disaster cleanups.

We provide you with our expert knowledge & advice you on how to create and maintain cleaning programs in remote areas. We also afford consulting services in cleaning hospitals, health centres, and other health care or health-related facilities.

We offer you our professional know-how in cleaning airplanes and airports, how to manage the cleaning program and sustain high levels of quality and security adherence.

We assist you in finding cleaning solutions for any possible cleaning problem scenario. We can give you our expert input and recommendations on any cleaning need you might have. You can avail of our professional advice anytime, anywhere.

We constantly keep abreast with the current trends and technology in the cleaning industry. We work with our clients to develop clear, effective, efficient, goal-oriented processes and action plans. We will be there with you from the first day of the development of your cleaning program until the time when it is fully operational.


We take care of our client's cleaning consulting needs from A to Z...

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