What area of your house contains the most germs?

What area of your house contains the most germs?

Most people think of the bathroom, especially the toilet, when they think about the most germ ridden places in your home or business. It is true, those places are germ laden, but there are other areas of your house that contain MORE germs! Surprised?

Studies have found that the kitchen, especially the kitchen sink and drain are the most germ laden, along with sponges and the dish cloth. The germs in the kitchen can be especially disconcerting because that is where you prepare food.  You certainly don’t want to expose your food to the multitude of germs in the kitchen and risk contaminating your food and infecting yourself and your family with the bacteria and viruses from your kitchen.

We can give you some pointers on how to make your kitchen cleaner & safer, so here are 4 tips to help you control and drastically reduce the germs in your home or business.

Tip 1: Disinfect your sink and drain

Use a germ killing disinfectant to wash down your sink and pour some down the drain. Add extra disinfectant, if you have a garbage disposal, and run lemon peel or orange peel through the disposal with the disinfectant to loosen the built up gunk. Remove any chunks the disposal doesn’t pulverize. You will find this will freshen up the disposal as well.

Tip 2: Change and clean sponges and dishcloths frequently

Disinfect your sponges by running them through the dishwasher. Put them in the silverware basket to catch any pieces that might break off so they don’t clog your dishwasher. Change your dishcloth every day or two, depending on how much you use a dishcloth. The pop-up disposable wipes that are in a disinfectant solution are a good way to cut down on germs from the dishcloth.

Tip 3: Bathroom sinks and toilets still need thorough cleaning

Treat the bathroom sink the same as the kitchen sink and drain. Make sure your bathroom sink is draining properly and clean it when needed. When water sits in the sink the germs can back up into the sink bringing nasty stuff back into your sink. When you clean the toilet, the most germ laden area is actually under the toilet seat. Make sure when you clean the toilet you sanitize that as well.

Tip 4: Door handles, phones, remote controls and surfaces that get touched often need disinfecting

The disposable pop-up wipes that contain disinfectant can make quick work of cleaning frequently touched surfaces. During flu and cold season, you can cut down on the germs that are passed through your household by keeping these surfaces disinfected regularly.