Vermop Twixter Mopping Systems – As Good as it Gets

Vermop Twixter Mopping Systems – As Good as it Gets

Vermop Salmon Gmbh is a great company from Germany with world class cleaning products. One of my favorite systems from Vermop is Twixter System. It is simply the best of the best when it comes to mopping systems. Somehow they just always get it right.

It is not many times we can talk about buying mops and trolleys and looking into it as a long term investment. Of course buying mops and trolley is always an investment but not necessary a long term one.

First when i saw the vermop twixter systems back in 2000 i was a little bit skeptical about it and i was not sure what to think. It was more expensive then other mopping systems but there was something special about it so i decided to give it a try. Now many years later when i look back i can clearly see that purchasing the Twixter mopping system has clearly been one best choice i have made when buying cleaning trolleys and mops.

Here is a small review about the Vermop Twixter System. I will take here the simplest version of the system that is suitable for cleaning floors.

The Trolley it self, the mop wringer and the mop stick : The frame is very solid and the press is very good and it shows immediately that all this is made to last for a long period of time. Buckets have no handle and that might surprise many but the reason behind that is that this is done so it will be good for the user if he has to lift the bucked then it is made sure he will be doing so with minimizing risk of hurting his back. The mops stick and the mophead are also very nice products and are is very flexible to work with. It has a very good handle. The only downside if we can say so is the head that tends to brake sometimes and it is a little bit costly to change it.
The mop The original twixter mop is very good and it is made of materials that will lasts much longer then the average mops. After using this for all this year i can share that i have never seen mops that last this long without getting damaged. The micro fiber mops that are made for this system is also state of the art and can truly cover a large area when mopping. This mops have so far outperformed any mops i have ever seen so far.

The system itself is very good and should be considered for medium to large offices, hospitals, shopping malls, medium and large stores.
It is best when working with this system to have the two mopsticks with one trolley. That way one mop is always being left in the wringer of the unit. If that is not being did then there is a danger from over wetting the floor when mopping.

Final words about the Vermop Twixter System is that is highly RECOMMENDED for places that can affords that.

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