This Fall, Don’t Let the Cold & Flu Viruses Settle in Your Home

This Fall, Don’t Let the Cold & Flu Viruses Settle in Your Home

Fall brings cooler nights, warm sunny days (if we are lucky) and brilliant colors in the trees. Unfortunatey, Fall also signs the return of the infamous cold and flu viruses. When you have someone in your home come down with a cold or flu bug, take defensive action before everyone gets ill. A terrifying thought is for everyone in your home to get sick with a cold or flu and even worse if the adults are sick and the kids are well. Here are some tips to help you launch a strong defense against cold and flu bugs.

Tip 1: Limit Exposure

Require the sick family member to reduce their activities, stay home especially if they have the flu, get lots of bed rest, drink plenty of fluids and use fever reducers. Teach sick family members to be courteous about covering sneezes, dispose of dirty tissues, use disposable cups and glasses and throw used ones away. Most important is to wash hands thoroughly with a strong soap, frequently. A bottle of hand sanitizer can also be a great help.

Tip 2: Wipe Germs Off of Surfaces

Pop-up wipes that eliminate germs are handy for wiping down faucet and toilet handles, door knobs, counters, keyboards, remote controls, light switches and other surfaces the sick family member has touched. A surprising number of germs are transmitted from these surfaces to previously healthy household members.

Tip 3: Set the Dishwasher on Sterilize

If you have a sterilize setting on the dishwasher, this is the time to turn it on. You want to make sure that everything that comes out of the dishwasher is super clean. Whoever empties the dishwasher needs to wash their hands thoroughly before handling clean dishes.

Tip 4: Change Kitchen and Bathroom Towels or Use Paper for Hand Towels

Germs lurk in cloth and even if you wash hands thoroughly you pick up germs from a used towel. Try paper towels instead of hand towels while the contagion is running through the house.

When the contagion is over, call BG Cleaning for a thorough house cleaning and let them know you need cleaners that will remove every trace of the cold and flu germs.  The professional staff at BG Cleaning has a great deal of experience cleaning for maximum germ eradication and the best cleaners to make sure your home is spotless and germ free.