The Spot on the Rug

The Spot on the Rug

Is your good looking carpet marred by a stain or traffic patterns? Even if 90% of your carpet looks great; eyes are drawn to the stain and that is all people will see. A stain can be the result of a spill or it can be ground in dirt from traffic patterns. It makes your carpet look dingy, worn and old before its time.

Carpet stain removal is as much art as science. In order to be effective you need the appropriate products, effective techniques, high quality equipment and old fashioned know how. If you remove a stain by removing color or carpet fibers you gain nothing and actually cause permanent damage. To restore your carpet to its former beauty, you need to remove the stain and the cleaning solutions.

Top quality professional grade products targeted to the stain are most effective. Your first task is to identify the source of the stain and then select a product that will unlock it. If you have a food stain like ketchup, wine or food sauces you treat it differently from grease or oil based stains. If you don’t know the source of the stain, a professional can often tell just by examining the spot.

The next rule is that gravity applies to carpets. Applying more of a product does not equal better stain removal. Saturating the stain may feel like the right thing to do but the cleaner also pushes the stain deeper into the carpet. Always remember that the objective is to remove the stain, not drive it deeper. To counterbalance the effect of gravity, high quality extraction equipment is a must. You need to extract the cleaning solution as well as the stain. Cleaners left behind in carpets attract dirt, so unless extraction is thorough the area will attract dirt quickly. Any of the stain that is left behind will also wick to the surface when the carpet dries. A stain shadow is even harder to remove. Extracting the cleaner and stain with high quality equipment and also using stain absorbing powder to draw out anything left behind will completely remove the stain for good.

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