The Advantages of Dusting

The Advantages of Dusting

We all know that dusting gives surfaces a fresh clean look, but that is not the only reason we dust. Think of every bit of dust as stuff that didn’t make it into your lungs(luckily!). Removing dust improves indoor air quality and considering how many people have asthma and breathing difficulties, dusting is extremely important.

All kinds of things make up dust. Dust includes soil particles, fibers, skin we shed, animal dander, hair, insect parts, smoke and ashes, pollen, fungi, bacteria and dust mites. If you are in an area with construction or smoke from factories, dust can migrate in through open windows or through venting, especially if your heating and cooling filters are not cleaned or changed often. Dust mites and other microbial beings live off dead skin and hair particles that are in dust. These creatures especially inhabit upholstered cushions, bedding and other soft fabrics and cause severe problems for people who are allergic to them. Then there are the little growing things that live in the dust that circulates through our businesses and homes. Once you know these facts, this scenario emphasizes the importance of dusting well and often.

What is the best way to dust? Given what is in the dust and the fact that you are stirring it all up, putting on a dust mask makes very good sense. Then, always dust from the top down. Microfiber materials collect dust much better than other dusting cloths or materials. Go over hard surfaces, light fixtures, shelves, books, desks, knick-knacks, everything from top to bottom until the dust is gone. When one dusting cloth is full, use a fresh one and bag the other cloth for laundering or throw it away if it is disposable. For upholstery, draperies, and carpets, use a vacuum with a strong suction and a clean filter to suck in as much dust as possible without sending it back into the air. For hard floors use a vacuum with a brush attachment or microfiber dusting tool to collect the dust from floors before they are scrubbed or washed.

Air conditioning and furnace filters need to be changed several times each year. A dirty filter is much less effective. If you are severely allergic, consider an air filter to supplement the normal filters.

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