Cleaning Tips for the Holidays – First Steps

Cleaning Tips for the Holidays – First Steps

It is coming up on the Holidays and it is never too early to start with your preparations. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to start getting ready. You can avoid stress and have an enjoyable Holiday. A little advance preparation can help your Holiday celebration go off without a hitch.

Here are some early preparations to get you on your way to stress-less Holiday season.

Preparation 1: Kitchen clean and organize

If it has been a while since you cleaned and organized your kitchen, take the time to do it now. While you are at it take inventory and stock up on the supplies you need for your favorite holiday dishes.

Preparation 2: Linens and Dishes

If the favorite holiday tablecloth has a stain from last year, get it out and soak it in and oxygen based cleaner. Use a covered container and soak it for several days, you may be surprised at how many stains you can remove with this method. If the stain doesn’t come out you still have time to shop for a new tablecloth and retire the old one. Check your dishes and run them through the dishwasher so they are clean and ready. Replace any chipped or missing pieces.

Preparation 3: Dining room deep cleaning

The last thing you want is to sit down to a lovely meal and all you can think about is the cobweb in the corner of your dining room. Clean your dining room top to bottom so you can focus on the fun preparations.

If you need help with your holiday cleaning preparations, call on BG Cleaning for professional efficient help that delivers great results. Get the help you need to have a fabulous and fun holiday celebration.