Cleaning, Repairing and Storing Sports Equipment

Cleaning, Repairing and Storing Sports Equipment

When you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, you accumulate a lot of sports equipment. After your outdoor activity is finished for the season, you are wise to take care of your sports equipment so it is ready for you next spring. Good cleaning, repair and proper storage of your sports gear will make sure you get the maximum life from your equipment.

If you don’t take good care of your equipment, you will end up with a more difficult cleaning chore next spring, it will need repairs when you want to use it or you may have to replace your equipment sooner.

Here are 3 tips to help you get the most out of your sports equipment, so you can be sure it is ready when you want to use it in the spring.

Tip 1: Give Your Equipment a Good Cleaning

Wipe down golf bags and remove any stains. If your bag is leather, give it a coat of leather oil to keep it supple and keep the leather from cracking. Wipe down your clubs and be sure to dump dust and debris from the inside of the bag. Clean out all of the pockets and then clean your golf gloves and towel.

Bicycles and motorcycles also need a good cleaning. Apply a good quality leather cleaner and sealant to keep leather seats in good shape much longer. Any chains and exposed metal parts should also get a light coat of oil.

Motorized sports equipment that has gas in the tank over winter should have a gas treatment added to the tank. Run the motor for a few minutes to get the gas treatment through to the carburetor. Old gas can cause a carburetor to “varnish” over the winter. This simple step can save you extra maintenance in the spring. Wait to do other maintenance until spring, such as filters, spark plugs and oil so it doesn’t degrade over the winter.

Tip 2: Make Any Needed Repairs

You want your sports equipment to be ready for you in the spring and the best time to have repairs done is when you are not using the equipment.

Tip 3: Store Equipment Properly

Store and cover your sports equipment to keep it clean and dust free. If you store your equipment in a garage or storage shed get some rodent poison to keep any critters from getting into your equipment. Rodents look for a safe warm place for the winter and you don’t want them to set up housekeeping in your sports equipment and damage wiring or leather.

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