3 Tips to Win the War on Stains

3 Tips to Win the War on Stains

When you get a stain on furniture, carpet or clothing it is all you see when you look at the fabric. If you try to remove the stain with the wrong product or the wrong technique you can end up permanently damaging the fabric or carpet. You don’t have to live with the stain, when you follow simple guidelines.

These are 3 tips that can help you get the stain out and keep the item looking great.

Tip 1: Check the fabric content

Once you know the fabric content you can choose the appropriate cleaner. Nylon and acrylic is more durable and less likely to hold a permanent stain. Never use heat on nylon and acrylic, it will melt. Cotton can hold a stain more than synthetic fibers and may present a bigger challenge. A stain removing product that removes many stains on cotton is oxygen based stain removers. You may need to apply a paste of the product by mixing the powder with water and smearing it on the stain.

Tip 2: Choose the cleaner based on the stain and fabric

You want to “unlock” the stain so choose your cleaner based on the stain. If soap and water doesn’t remove the stain you can find a number of stain removers over the counter, such as the Carbona stain remover products. Read the label and use according to directs. Carpet stains, especially those from pets, will yield to products available from most pet food stores. Pet Stain and Odor remover will remove the stain and the smell so Fido will be less likely to have another accident. If the stain doesn’t come out the first time, repeat the process gently and apply a drying powder to suck the stain out of the carpet.

Tip 3: Technique matters

Clean as much of the stain away with the edge of a spoon or a plastic scraper and avoid sharp edges to prevent cutting fibers. Avoid vigorous rubbing so you don’t fray fabric fibers. You are better off with a dabbing motion to sponge the stain out of the fabric. Absorbent paper towels work and change them often so you don’t sponge the stain back into the fabric.

When you need help with stains on furniture or carpet you can trust BG Cleaning to have the best stain removing products and technicians who know how to get rid of stains.  They can also help by treating the fabric or carpet with a product that prevents future stains.