Often basic janitorial work is not enough to ensure that your building or facility is kept consistently clean and operational, especially when you have specialized requirements. BG Cleaning Systems Qatar offer a comprehensive range of professional cleaning solutions customized to your individual needs.

With nearly two decades as an industry leader, BGCS has earned a superb reputation all across the world, for our cost effective, flexible, efficient and thorough cleaning solutions.

Our highly trained and dedicated team are supplied with all of the latest products and equipment, to ensure no specialized task is out of reach.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Finishing

BG Cleaning Systems Qatar can take care of all of your hard floor surfaces, stripping, cleaning, polishing and refinishing them, to prolong their lifespan and make them shine. This service may include:

Cleaning and Buffing

We will regularly scrub away the dirt and buff your floors to shine. Using specialized burnishing equipment, we will remove scuffs and marks, polish over scratches and provide long term protection with our professional grade polish.

Touching Up

If only certain areas of your flooring require maintenance, we will touch up those areas so they shine like the rest of your surfaces. We can then schedule regular floor care, including washing and polishing, to extend the overall life of your floor. Our cleaning products provide a layer of protection so foot traffic or industrial work does not result in any long term damage.

If you prefer a one off touch-up or a semi-regular schedule, BG Qatar is always flexible for your individual needs and budget.

Stripping and Refinishing

If you have rarely cleaned your floor the original layer of polish may be completely infused with dirt and scuff marks. In order to regain it’s original shine, we will strip the old layer of polish with our professional equipment, thoroughly clean the surface and then refinish it with our own high quality polish. This will provide a new layer of protection from pedestrian foot traffic or industrial machinery.

In conjunction with our regular floor care service, this will keep your surfaces spotless.

Stone Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Stone flooring always looks nice when clean, but is hard to maintain due to the grooves and sealing. In order to protect your investment BG Qatar offer specialized deep cleaning, impregnation and resealing, to ensure a long live for your stone surfaces.

Tile Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

We also cater to call kinds of tiled surfaces, including terrazzo and ceramic. Our cleaning products never damage the surfaces, and will leave them shiny and sparkly. Our regular maintenance will prolong their life so you do not have to purchase new tiles.

Marble/Granite Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Marble and Granite flooring is always impressive to your customers, clients or visitors, but is very expensive to repair if damaged. BG Qatar’s staff are specially trained to maintain these elegant surfaces and can be hired on a regular basis to clean and preserve them from dirt, dust, and pedestrian foot traffic.

Carpet Vacuuming and Cleaning

Without regular care carpets attract dust and dirt, and will often get stained by spillages. Our carpet cleaning staff will vacuum and deep clean your carpets to prevent any long term damage and expensive replacements. No matter how big or how many floors your building has, our team are ready to provide regular carpet maintenance, so you can portray a  clean and professional image to your customers or clients.

BG Cleaning Systems Qatar has over 15 years experience maintaining the floors and carpets of large and small clients all across the world. Choose us today so we can clean, restore, and protect your flooring for years to come.

For further details about our floor care solutions please visit our Floor Maintenance page.

Window Washing

BG Qatar also provide professional window washing and cleaning solutions, for the interior and exterior of small and large facilities alike. Our highly trained staff can accommodate traditional windows, skylights, glass dividers, and other glass surfaces – keeping them clean and shiny for your employees and customers.

Clean windows are an essential part of maintaining a professional image. It demonstrates to customers that your care about your business, and provides a pleasurable work environment for your employees as they go about their day to day activities.

Our team use only the highest quality products and state of the art equipment, to ensure and thorough and efficient job.

If you require window washing and other cleaning solutions in Doha, Qatar, BGCS offer and experienced and professional service.

Industrial Cleaning

Whether it’s maintaining heavy duty equipment, clearing debris and other industrial waste, or sanitizing a toxic environment, BG Qatar has a long history in the industrial cleaning industry. Our team are poisoned and ready to tackle even the most difficult tasks that other companies avoid.

General Cleaning

BG Cleaning Systems meet any other general cleaning requirements, for facilities small and large. This may include the cleaning or surfaces or appliances, washing walls and ceilings, maintaining sanitary kitchen spaces, restroom cleaning, indoor and outdoor janitorial work, and anything else you may need.

Contact us by phone or email today to discuss your individual requirements, and we will work with you to develop a tailor-made cleaning solution for your facility in Doha, Qatar.