BG Cleaning Systems take pride in the fact that we offer thorough and efficient cleaning, without harming the environment or the wellbeing of employees. We follow strict international guidelines across our franchises; this means in Qatar we only use products and equipment recognized as having a high safety rating.

If you run an environmentally conscious facility we will work with you to formulate a neutral carbon footprint cleaning solution, while also limiting the use of toxic cleaning products in areas that staff and employees may come in contact with. We can also manage your waste and rubbish disposal program, to ensure that all recyclable items are disposed through the appropriate channels, so you do not have to worry about polluting the planet.

Furthermore we also stand by a water reduction policy, where our cleaning team is encouraged to use as little water as necessary, which lowers your facility’s bills and helps reduce the country’s reliance on underground aquifers and other sources of public water. BGCS staff are taught the three R principle –  re-using, recycling, and reduction, and will always keep the environment in mind while carrying out their cleaning duties.

Contact us by phone or email today for a free consultation and we will discuss you cleaning requirements, and the green policies of your facility. If you have existing programs in place we will either work within your framework or offer advice on how to improve it further. If you are new to the concept of green cleaning, but wish to begin an environmentally conscious strategy, we will work with you to formulate the most efficient and appropriate course of action, while meeting the requirements of your budget. BGCS has over 15 years in the industry and have experience with both large and small facilities of all kinds.